About Automotive industry in Vietnam

Before 1990, there were in Vietnam about 200.000 out of service vehicles, with staff of tens thousands automotive & mechanical engineers, technicians and qualified workers, who had working and repairing factories. From 1990 up to now, in our country there are 14 joint - ventures in automotive field such as Toyota Vietnam, Ford Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, Vinastar, Mishubishi, ect world leading automotive companies's representative offices are also presenting in Vietnam. New automotive & motor-cycle assembling manufacturing plants are established, with the 14 joint - ventures total capital up to apr 800 million USD. Now, automotive field is becoming a big industry, encouraging other ones.

After a long time for preparation, Vietnam Society of Automotive Engineers was officially established on August 3rd, 1994. On this occasion, plenty of foreign SAEs had sent greetings and made relation to VSAE (for example: SIA - France, VDI - Germany, SAE - International, SAE - Japan, SAE - Korea, SAE -Australia, ect.)

Since April 1996, VSAE has been a member of AAF (Asian Automotive Federation).

Since IPC 8.-1995, VSAE has joint APAC (IPC).

Since June 1997, VSAE has been a member of FISITA (International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies)  

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October 9-11,2015

On behalf of Vietnam Society of Automobile Engineers, I would warmly welcome and invite design-manufacture engineers, scientists, lecturers, state and enterprise managers of Vietnam and all over the world to participate the international conference of Automobile technology for Vietnam (Vietnam ICAT-2015), which will be held in Oct, 2015 in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam.
We do hope that with your valued vast and enthusiastic participation, VIETNAM ICAT-2015 will gain great success.

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