VSAE is the FISITA member since 1997

FISITA is the international federation linking the national automotive engineering societies in 39 countries. FISITA was founded in 1948 as a neutral forum for the exchange of technical knowledge onevery aspect of vehicle design, development and manufacture. FISITA is a non-profit organisationcommitted to helping create efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable automotive transportation.

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October 9-11,2015

On behalf of Vietnam Society of Automobile Engineers, I would warmly welcome and invite design-manufacture engineers, scientists, lecturers, state and enterprise managers of Vietnam and all over the world to participate the international conference of Automobile technology for Vietnam (Vietnam ICAT-2015), which will be held in Oct, 2015 in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam.
We do hope that with your valued vast and enthusiastic participation, VIETNAM ICAT-2015 will gain great success.

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