Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers is the society association – the volunteer profession of the Vietnamese at the in-ex nation relative to the research, the designing, the producing management, the manufacture, the training and business management in the domain of auto-motor mechanic.

The purpose of Association is the gathering, solidarity, encouragement and helpfulness for the member in order to improve the professional skill, exchange experiences and new knowledges in the scientific and technical activities of the speciality auto-motor mechanics, contribute to attain a high effect for the productive-trade and scientific-technical activities relative to the industrial manufactory of auto-motorbike, contribute to the industrialize-modernize process to the economy of our country.

Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers operate in the nationwide range and is managed in every respect by The Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers has the legal personality, the stamp, and the bank account.

Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers have the head office in Hanoi, the capital of Socialist Republic of Vietnam:

Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers
Room     : No.109 A4 Khuong Thuong Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel           : (84 4) 35744535
Fax          :  (84 4) 35744535
E-mail    :
Website :

October 9-11,2015

On behalf of Vietnam Society of Automobile Engineers, I would warmly welcome and invite design-manufacture engineers, scientists, lecturers, state and enterprise managers of Vietnam and all over the world to participate the international conference of Automobile technology for Vietnam (Vietnam ICAT-2015), which will be held in Oct, 2015 in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam.
We do hope that with your valued vast and enthusiastic participation, VIETNAM ICAT-2015 will gain great success.

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